introduction to human anatomy

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Thanks to God for helping us to produce this book.

The general aim of this book is to acquaint the student or the learner with the structural anatomy of the body as a whole, care was especially taken to provide the students with knowledge of the structure of the body of the human being.

The specific aim of this book is therefore to enable the students/ learner to deal with all the systems of the human body in an attempt to make it easy for the paramedical students at the community colleges intermediate university colleges to recognize the organs of the human body.

A total of some ten units will be then considered in turn-several topics, a sub topics for each unit.

After each unit, unit review is considered to summarize the main issues of each unit at the end of this book, the student would have gone though the active spectrum of anatomy by understanding the structures of the body systems, describing the body organs and integrating the anatomy of the body with its physiology.

1: An Introduction to The Human Body

Definition of Anatomy    

Levels of Body Organization  

Body Systems and their Organs  

Anatomical Terminology  

          Unit review  

2: The Cells and Tissues of the Body

Cell structure  

Body tissues  

         Unit review      

3: Blood, Cardiovascular and Lymph System

Introduction to the Cardiovascular System  



Blood Vessels  

Unit review  

4: The Nervous System

    Structure and functions of the Nervous System  


Organization of the nervous system  


Spinal cord  

          Unit review  

5: The Skin

Introduction to skin structure  

     The layers of skin  


     Subcutaneous fat layer  

Unit review  

6: The Endocrine System

     Exocrine glands   Endocrine glands  

     Unit review  

7: The Respiratory System

    Introduction to the respiratory system  

    Conducting passages  

    Unit review  

8: The Digestive System

General structure of the digestive system  

Organs of the digestive system  

Accessory organs  

Functions of the digestive system  

          Unit review  

9: Genitourinary System

The Urinary System  

Components of the urinary system  

The Reproductive System  

          Unit review  

10: The Skeletomuscular System

Skeletal system  

Structure of bone tissue  

Classification of bones  

The main division of the skeleton  


How to maintain healthy bones  

The muscular system  

          Unit review  





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